Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Life in Pictures

Well we have been busy this Fall.  The kids are in school, but like Darren and I are in desperate need of a break.  We are heading to California in 2 days and will enjoy 9 delightful days away from everyday life.  Disneyland has been a favorite of ours since we were married, so we have gone almost yearly since Madison has been born.  I thought I would update our recent pictures and make room on the camera for vacation ones.  So enjoy!!

Lucas had officially learned to walk (Oct 30th).  It is so fun to watch him.

The kids and I spent a fun afternoon at Gardner Village.  I just love their backgrounds.

Madison was a pirate for Halloween

Marli was Strawberry Shortcake (I love her costume)

Lucas was my itsy bitsy spider
Lucas and Marli love cuddling with Darren on the LoveSac.  It usually ends up with one or all of them asleep.

Another cute picture of Luke walking

Friday, October 1, 2010

Brad Paisley Fun!

So I was lucky and won tickets to the Brad Paisley concert.  I took Allie and had the BEST time.  I wasn't a very big Brad fan before the concert but he was an incredible performer and got me hooked.  We got to the USANA Theater and went to will call to get our tickets and can you imagine our surprise when we saw where we were sitting.  2nd. Row.  We did have one experience that put a twist in our perfect night.  A CRAZY sick guy kept bugging us and saying very innopropriate things to us.  Luckily the nice people sitting behind us helped us out and got security.  So I didn't get to enjoy Darius Rucker but by the time Brad came on we were ready and excited. 

This was the crazy guy (kissing, not getting kissed) who kept bugging us.  This other guy was really pathetic too.

There was a weird guy in front of me who kept holding his drink up, so Allie thought she would try it so see if it would help enhance the concert.  I think it did!

This was the background as Brad sang Water

Did I mention we got awesome seats?!?!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Luke's Birthday Pictures

My incredibly talented sister Allie took some pictures of Luke for his birthday.  I am biased but I think they are the cutest thing EVER.  I have more posted on Facebook, but here are quite a few.

Lot's of FIRSTS

So this Summer has been full of a lot of firsts in our house.  Lucas turned ONE, Marli started pre school, Madison started first grade, Marli is in soccer and I have two kids in school at the same time!! HOORAY. 

Here is a run down of everyone and then enjoy all the pictures:
-Madison: She is loving first grade.  Having a full day at school is so exciting for her.  I was worried about her being gone and having to eat lunch at school.  She didn't want me anywhere near her school on the first day.  I walked to get her and she yelled for me to go home and that she wasn't going to tell me about her day until I went home.  So I think it's safe to say that the adjustment has been for me, not her.  She is so intelligent and such a great kid!
-Marli: This kid is so headstrong it isn't funny.  When she wants something she lets the world know.  She will do what she wants on her terms.  Yet, underneath is still my sweet girl who cares for others.  When I walk her to preschool she will turn to me and ask, "mom are you okay, do your feet hurt".  She loves school and tells me about her day within seconds of me picking her up.  I can see that she misses Maddie during the days she is at home.  She has also started soccer, and really is picking it up.  The outfit drowns her and she thinks by throwing her body over the ball no one can get it from her. 
-Lucas: My baby is growing up, and it is so much fun, yet sad at the same time.  He has 5 teeth now and his smile is completely different now.  He is sweet and loves to lay on me.  He is obsessed with sports, he is always holding a ball and throwing it just to crawl and get it.  I am no longer worried about his sisters surrounding him with girl toys and him not wanting boy toys, he is a boy through and through. 
-Amber: Well I am constantly balancing and organizing my time.  I feel like I am running around doing something for someone at all times.  I wouldn't want it any other way though.  I love my family and friends.  Speaking of family, my mom recently turned 50 and has decided to move down to St. George.  She has sold her house and is making the trek down there in 2 days.  Over the past two weeks I have been helping her pack and get ready and we have grown close and so this move is really bittersweet for me.  I couldn't be happier for her and the fact she is fulfilling a life long dream, but having her so far away will be sad for me!
Darren: Not much new in his life.  He is a hard worker and keeps me sane.  We work well together balancing time with kids and each other.  GREAT GUY this one is.

Now here are pictures of our life. Enjoy.
Clayton and Marli sharing tips for beating that darn silver team.
Marli is the goalie even though the official jersey is inside out and backwards.
Marli had enough soccer for the day. 
Marli enjoying her first day of preschool with her friend Grayce.  I love Lucas in the back in his jammies.
She loves school and her teacher.
Madison on her first day of school.
Gotta have the backpack shot.
Madison and her good friend Eva. 
Lined up and ready to start the day.
My mom's car.  Allie and I decorated it while she was at work.
We did an awesome job, and she was very surprised.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Baby is ONE!

Yesterday Lucas turned one.  What a year this has been.  How is it that after you have a baby the time flies by so much faster than when you were pregnant?  Luke has been such a joy in our family.  Darren and I knew we only wanted 3 kids and we were prepared to have another girl.  When we saw a boy on the ultrasound it was clear to me that our family was then complete.  Madison and Marli have loved having a brother and Luke just loves the attention.  He is such an easy going baby.  The fun things he is doing now: clapping hands, walking around walls and furniture, crawling on feet and hands, says cucka when something is bad, says Uh Oh, Num Num when he is hungry, and of corse momma and dad.  He didn't have any teeth until this past week and now has one bottom and one top coming in at the same time. 
Here is some pictures from his birthday party.  We rented a big inflatable movie screen and projector to watch the movie 'UP' in our backyard.  I decorated with a movie theme and had individual popcorns for everyone along with a big assortment of movie theater candy.  We had a great turn out! After cake and ice cream we gave the birthday boy his cake and he played a little but didn't like the frosting all over his hands and was done.  Lucas helped opened presents and started to get overwhelmed by everything.  He got some really cute clothes and gifts.  Thank you all for coming and making his day so special.  We have great friends and family!!!